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Legend of the undead (12th Dec 22 at 2:14am UTC)
Legend of the undead
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Lian Feng is very vexed, originally these small things do not need him this elder to come forward, and his disciple is having an accident these two days, but the matter is getting bigger and bigger, the people below can't solve it, the big kill is not there, so he has to come forward in person. Thirteen old men, foreign old men, are so powerful that everyone's skill is not inferior to his. He and several other elders have been confronting them for two days. Also do not know what these foreign old men want to do, the two sides do not understand the language, stop and stop, Lian Feng has sent someone to find a translator, probably today. When Bai Fan came, the foreign old men were shouting outside again, and they looked very anxious. Lian Feng did not care to surprise why Bai Fan came and pulled him out together. As soon as Bai Fan came out, he saw a group of old men with white beards outside, and the one in the front looked familiar. Smiling Tiger? No, dear Uncle Harold, what are you doing here? It turned out to be thirteen three generations of blood clan, unexpectedly all arrived! Harold couldn't laugh anymore. When he saw Bai Fan, he was like a life-saving straw. He immediately grabbed Bai Fan and said hurriedly, "Tell them quickly that we are here to save Liu's life!" "Do you have any idea?" Bai Fan held Harold's arm tightly and asked nervously. Harold nodded affirmatively. Bai Fan shed tears of joy. She turned around and said to Lian Feng, who was full of doubts, "Take them to see Liu Lei. They have a way!" Thirteen blood clans of three generations stood around Liu Lei. "How's it going?" Liu's mother asked. Bai Fan nodded to her that it was all right. Harold said to Bai Fan, "His mind is imprisoned." Turned his head and nodded to the others. Sellers was the first to nod in response. The others nodded in agreement. Harold stretched out his right hand and clenched it into a fist. The fingernail of his left index finger scratched on the pulse. A drop of golden blood dripped in Liu Lei's mouth. The other twelve people, also cut a drop of blood in the mouth of Liu Lei. Harold opened his mouth and explained to Bai Fan: "Our blood can contain our memories. We leave his memories in our blood and let him drink them. We should be able to awaken his consciousness." Liu Lei is having a good time in his own world. He has gone through almost a thousand patterns. Now he feels better and better. Whenever he is a little tired,coltan ore processing, he finds a place to lie down and sleep. The faint yellow light in the sky shines on him. When Liu Lei wakes up after a nap, he will feel energetic. On this day, Liu Lei woke up and felt good. He got up and ran to a pattern in the distance. The pattern was very difficult to walk. It had been ten days, but he still couldn't walk over it. There was no concept of time here. Liu Lei slept for a day when he was tired. He would try again in a few days. Today is very smooth, watching to finish, Liu Lei is very excited, suddenly the yellow sky turned into blood red, Liu Lei felt a panic, as if his life is coming to an end. The red light all over the sky suddenly rushed towards him, Liu Lei shouted to escape, but how can not escape, the red light quickly melted into his body, Liu Lei the whole person froze, he woke up in an instant, Portable gold trommel ,Carbon in Pulp, all remembered. He looked around-where is this? Yellow sky, green earth, suddenly understand-here is the star of civilization and the world of Pangu axe! Volume VIII, Chapter VII Liu tired all over a blood light, the whole body meridian blood color is particularly heavy. The blood light of the whole body flows to the brain along the meridians. When all the blood and light of his body converged on his brain, Liu Lei cried out and his upper body bounced up from the bed. He immediately felt a burst of heart-rending pain coming from his chest. He screamed and fell back on the bed. The people around first saw Liu tired up and gave a cheer, and then the cheers turned into exclamations after Liu was tired. Harold comforted the crowd: "It's okay, it's okay, he'll be fine when he wakes up." Mother Liu threw herself on Liu Lei with tears in her eyes and asked in a trembling voice, "Son, son, how are you?" Liu Lei looked at the concerned faces around him and said to his mother with a smile, "Mom, I'm fine. It's all right.".
"Mother Liu couldn't help crying." You don't know how worried we are about you these days. Mom thought you and the dead old man didn't want Mom.. " When Liu Lei heard her mention his father, he could not help feeling humble. He raised a hand and patted his mother to comfort him and said, "How could it be? Mom, I still have you to accompany me to be an immortal." He turned his head and asked Bai Fan, "How long have I been unconscious?" Bai Fan's eyes were red and swollen, and he held out four fingers in front of him. Four months? It's really long! He sighed. Nia threw herself on him and burst into tears. Liu Lei patted her gently and said, "Well, I'm not alive.." Kerry said, "Liu, this is really close. I thought you would never live again." "Are you expecting me to die?" Asked Liu Lei with a smile. "There is no aesthetic education!" Kerry hastened to clarify. Next to Kerry stood Lian Feng, Liu Lei saw that he was much older, and immediately apologized in his heart: "Master, you have worked hard!"! The disciple is useless and has caused you trouble. Lian Feng shook his head and said with a tearful smile, "What are you talking about, smelly boy? I'm your master!"! As long as you're awake, as long as you're awake! Changsheng was so excited that he reached out and grabbed his quilt. Liu Lei said, "Changsheng, don't try any harder. I can't run away. If you catch me like this again, I won't have a quilt to cover." There was a smile on Changsheng's cold face, and he nodded and stepped aside. Both Qiaqia and Mienyi wanted to come up. They bumped into each other and stopped for a while. Hoss took the opportunity to grab them and shouted, "Shifu, you can't die. If you die, who will I go to learn kung fu from?" "I'm not dead yet." Liu Lei said, "Are you afraid that I will die without a place to live and eat for free?" Hoss immediately grabbed the ground with his head and swore to the sky that it was absolutely not. It was entirely because of his love for his master that he was so reluctant to give up Liu Lei. "Well," said Liu Lei, "you are only an apprentice now, not my apprentice. In addition, I tell you the truth, your aptitude is general, originally left you because of the idol on your neck,gold cil machine, which contains an unknown power, you have to develop this energy well, the future achievements will not be low. Hoss nodded hurriedly and wrote it down. He still wanted to speak. Mienyi had already waited impatiently and picked him up and threw him out.
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